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    BQJ series CNC No card cutting board all-in-one machine
    CNC spindle-less veneer lathe
    BZJQ series of automatic veneer cutting machines
    BY21 series Frame type thermal-pressing machine
    BY21 series Frame type preloading machine
    BPB(Y)Automatic plate line plywood
    BZJ(S)Automatic vertical plywood sawing machine
    Debarking of logs for circular knitting machine
    YGZ series veneer dryer
    BYJ1400/40 hydraulic shear
    Bilateral hot press
    Side filling machine
    Four roller gluing machine
    Wood machine
    cutter grinder
    A card shaft rotary cutting machine series
    Transverse cutting machine
    Freely saw edge machine series
    Glue barrel
    Hydraulic lift machine series
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